Put your payments on autopilot.

For every one to-do that gets crossed off your list, you add two more. We get it. Permanently cross off paying your bills when you set up Online Bill Pay. 

Setting up payments is quick and easy (we promise!), and you'll be so glad you did:
  • Set up recurring payments or a one-time payment, whatever works for you
  • Conveniently pay another person via email, direct deposit or check
  • Set up bill pay alerts, including payment reminders, by text or email

How do I setup Online Bill Pay?

We thought you might ask, so we provided a few quick steps below. If you get stuck, start a Conversation with us. 

1. To enroll in Online Bill Pay for the first time, you will need to log in to
2. Click "Payments" from the drop down menu
3. Click "Manage Payments" in the top right-hand corner
4. A message confirming you wish to enroll will appear; click "Enroll"
5. Once you've enrolled, you may add and manage your payments through both Online and Mobile Banking.

How do I add a new bill?

In Online Banking: 
1. Log in to Online Banking
2. Under the Move Money tab, select "Pay a Bill"
3. To set up your first bill, select "Add Another Bill"
4. Input your account info for the Payee you are setting up, then click "Submit"
5. Enter your Online Banking password to confirm
6. From there you can pay that bill, or add another bill. 

In Mobile Banking:

1. Log in to Mobile Banking
2. Click the hamburger menu (three stacked horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner
3. Select "Payments"
4. Click "Make a Payment"
5. Click the "+" in the upper right-hand corner
6. Select who you're paying - Company or Person
7. Enter Payee information and click "Continue"
8. Enter a Mailing Address and click "Submit"