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Round-Up Rewards

The Key to Effortless Saving is Round-Up Rewards.

Whether you're trying to save a few bucks or reach a big goal, Round-Up Rewards can help. Round-Up Rewards will round your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar so you can save your change and watch your savings grow. To help you reach your goals faster, CCF will deposit a 25% match* in the first month, and another 5% every month after that. Match deposits will be made quarterly, and are a great way to automatically boost your savings.

Calculate my savings

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How Does it Work?

  1. Enroll in Round-Up Rewards by opening a Round-Up Rewards savings account and enroll your CCF debit card. Don’t have a checking account? No problem. You can open one here.
  2. Spend like you normally would. Use your card for your everyday purchases like you already do.
  3. Watch your savings add up. Every time you make a purchase, whether in-person or online, your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and transferred to your Round-Up Rewards savings account. Plus, once your balance reaches $50 you will begin earning dividends. Please note, purchases made with a PIN are not eligible for the Round-Up transfer.
  4. Get rewarded! CCF will match up to 25% of your first month’s savings, then, every month after that CCF will continue to match 5% of your monthly round-up savings totals. Match deposits will be automatically deposited on a quarterly basis. 

How do I Enroll?

Current members: If you already call Cornerstone your financial home, simply click the button below and contact us using the method that's most convenient for you. A friendly CCF representative will take care of the rest!

Not yet a Cornerstone member?

Welcome! Click the button below to get started:

Curious to know how much you'll save with Round-Up Rewards?

Calculate your estimated savings by choosing your typical spending for the week. Then, watch your potential savings grow!

shopping cart iconGroceries $198.09
hotdog iconLunch $11.51
coffee mug iconCoffee $3.30
lorry iconGas $40.78
ticket iconEntertainment $27.34
shirt iconClothing $38.49
Weekly Round-Up Rewards Savings: $0.00/week
Estimated First Month Match: $0.00
Yearly Savings: $0.00

This calculator has been provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual savings will vary based on actual debit card use, and could accrue faster the more you use your card.

*Upon enrollment, we will round up your CCF Debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your checking account to your Round-Up Rewards savings account. Purchases completed by entering a PIN are not eligible for the Round-Up transfer.

To receive the credit union match the account must be enrolled in eStatements. The match amount will be credited to the Round-Up Rewards savings account at the end of each calendar quarter, not to exceed $200.00 per calendar year. Accounts that are closed prior to the match deposit will not receive that quarter’s match deposit. There are no minimum deposit requirements to open a Round-Up Rewards share account. Subject to change at any time. Not available for use with Business Checking accounts.