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Becoming a Cornerstone Member

Are you ready to put the power of Cornerstone in your corner? When you join our credit union, you become part of a financial cooperative with more than 23,000 members. And every member is not just an account holder, but also part-owner of the company. Each member has a vote in the organizational affairs, too, such as the election of the board of directors.

In other words, you’re the boss. And we never forget that.

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Credit Union 101

Never been a member of a credit union before? Here are a few quick facts to get you up to speed.
  • Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit institutions that exist to serve their members (you), not to make money.
  • Credit unions are owned and controlled by their members. Our board of directors is elected by our members you get to vote.
  • Profits made by credit unions are returned to our members in the form of reduced fees, lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings.
  • Membership in a credit union is based on something all members have in common a geographic location or certain occupation, for example. Cornerstone members all live, work, worship or do business in a certain geographic area (see “How to become a member”).
  • Because they are owned by community members, most credit unions pride themselves on community outreach and involvement. This is especially true for Cornerstone (see our News & Events to learn more).
Aside from these features, a credit union operates similarly to a bank, with comparable financial products.

Credit Union Lingo

As you can see, credit unions do things a little differently. Sometimes we call things by different names, too.
Bank Credit Union
Customers Members
Interest Dividends
Certificates of Deposit Share Certificates

How to Become a Member

If you live, work, worship, regularly do business in, or attend school anywhere in Michigan or the Ohio communities listed below, you are eligible to join Cornerstone Community Financial. Immediate family member of current Cornerstone members are also eligible.

Our Communities:
  • Anywhere in the state of Michigan
  • The following counties in Ohio:
    • Fulton
    • Henry
    • Lucas
    • Ottawa
    • Sandusky
    • Wood

Applying for membership

Simply click Join Cornerstone. It will take you to an easy online application. To become a member, you must open a Basic Savings account first.

That’s it. There are no initiation rites or secret handshakes (but if you have any good ideas, feel free to share them with us).

Benefits of Cornerstone Membership

As a member, you’ll have access to a wide variety of discounts, rewards, and convenient features, such as free online and mobile banking, mobile deposit, and special discounts on insurance programs.

Discount Programs

Membership pays off! Cornerstone members enjoy special member-only savings on auto and homeowners' insurance, as well as retail discounts.

TruStage Auto & Homeowners Insurance

TruStage Auto and Home Insurance Programs can provide discounted rates for credit union members, online services and 24/7 claims service. By combining your car and home insurance you may qualify for multiple discounts.

Learn more about Cornerstone’s relationship with TruStage, or get your free quote now by visiting the TruStage site or calling 1 (855) 483-2149.

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