Business Merchant Card Processing

We Make Payments Easy

Your customers can be anywhere. And, no matter where they are, they expect you to accept their payments easily and securely. That doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

We have a variety of easy-to-use merchant service solutions available through Elavon an industry leader for 25 years in payment acceptance.

Solutions for every business type

  • In-person, online and mobile payment solutions
  • Smart terminals, Chip Card/EMV terminals and tablet
    Point-of-Sale systems
  • Solutions for e-commerce and online shopping carts
  • Loyalty and gift card programs to market, grow and retain your customers’ business
  • Accept mobile wallet payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Next Day business funding

To find a solution for your business, contact us!

Data Security Solutions

Stay safe with our multi-layered security solutions to help you protect your customer payment data.

Safe-T Security Solutions means:
  • Protection against hackers
  • Protection against counterfeit card transactions
  • Protection against risks of card data breach
  • Simplified PCI-DSS compliance

Customer Service and Customer Care

  • We are here when you need us 24/7/365
  • Dedicated account manager for each business customer

Convenient, Easily Accessible Reporting

Gain insights into sales trends and more as you monitor your account from any web browser through our online reporting tool.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Because the payments landscape is changing faster than ever before, our solutions work in any customer environment.

We offer market solutions for a variety of industry types including:
  • Restaurant
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality