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Money Advice from Mom

May 2024

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked some of our moms at CCF to share their best financial advice.

Jumpstart your holiday savings: start in July.

July 2023

If you kickstart your holiday savings in July, you'll have loads of time to build up a solid stash of cash. That way, you can be stress-free during the festivities.

Savvy Summer Money Tips

June 2023

Savvy Summer Money Tips
Summer is here and you might be more focused on barbecues than bills, but it’s the middle of the year, so it’s a good time to give your finances a checkup.

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Keep Your Money Safe: Summer Travel Tips

May 2023

Before you head off on vacation, here are three things to consider to keep your money safe.

Three easy ways to spring clean your finances.

April 2023

Spring is a perfect time to not only declutter and deep clean your home but to do the same for your finances. We have three easy steps for your to do just that!

Watching out for financial scams.

March 2023

Scammers are using texting, emails, phone calls and social media to commit fraud. Stay vigilant and keep a look out for these types of scams.

Personal Finance Red Flags in Relationships

February 2023

Here are a few personal finance red flags to be aware of in a relationship - these might be things your partner does, or you may even recognize these habits in yourself. 

Three practical financial resolutions for 2023.

Making a financial New Year’s resolution can often feel overwhelming, but here are three practical resolutions you can easily accomplish in 2023 to improve your overall financial wellbeing without stressing yourself out.

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Three Tips for Easy Holiday Budgeting.

December 2022

Budgeting for gifts, decorations and other holiday expenses this time of the year can be tough. Here are three tips so you can budget and spend with a little less stress.

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Be alert for "just pay shipping" scams.

November 2022

As the holidays draw near, we want to keep you informed about practices and potential scams that are on the rise in the marketplace, particularly online shopping.

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Coping With Inflation? Be Budget Aware.

August 2022

Our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness offers you the following steps to keep “budget aware” to help navigate this period of high inflation, however long it lasts.

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Michigan's New Financial Education Law

July 2022

Starting Fall of 2022, high school students in Michigan will be required to take a course in personal finance before graduation. 

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What is the true cost of convenience?

June 2022

While home grocery and meal delivery are fast and convenient, it can be helpful to weigh the pros and cons of the added expenses involved.