Make a Loan Payment

How to make a payment

As your trusted financial partner we want to help ensure your payment is made on time every month. Take a look at the convenient loan payment options below to find a good fit for you. You will need your number in order for us to process your payment correctly.

Online Payments - Make your loan payment online using a non-Cornerstone debit or credit card, or savings or checking account from another financial institution. 

Automatic Debit/Credit Transfer - Complete the Authorization for Automatic Debit/Credit Transfers form (PDF) to set up a Cornerstone initiated transfer from a non-Cornerstone savings or checking account.

Recurring Online Transfer - Log in to online banking and click the "Transfers" tab to set up a recurring transfer. Don't have online banking? Give us a call at (800) 777-6728 and we'll get you started. 

Payroll Deduction - Contact your payroll department to set up payroll deduction, then notify us to set up your loan transfer by filling out our Loan Transfer Authorization form (PDF).

How to find your loan number 

To be sure your automatic transfers and loan payments are processed correctly, your loan number must be identified using the 14-digit format shown below.


If you have any questions about your loan number or the loan information needed to make a payment, please contact us or call us at (800) 777-6728.

Paid off your loan in full? If you are making your last loan payment or are in need of loan payoff information, please call us at (800) 777-6728.