Video Chat

Video Chat Securely within Conversations, Accessible Through Mobile or Online Banking.

Enhance your online banking journey with Cornerstone's cutting-edge video chat feature integrated into Conversations. Our new screen-sharing capability lets us see exactly what you're experiencing, making issue resolution quicker and more efficient.
Joining a video chat is a piece of cake. We'll send you an invite for a screen share in Conversations, which can be found in your mobile banking app or in online banking
Note: If it's your first time using video chat in a new browser, you'll need to grant permission for video and audio devices.
In Conversations, you'll get a notification that we're ready to screen share with you. Once you accept, a Cornerstone team member will be by your side, helping you resolve any tech hiccups or navigation-related questions.
Video Chat FAQs
  • Is Video Chat Available on the Mobile Banking App? Yes, it is available on version 3.2 or newer. However, it's important to note that mobile devices do not support screen sharing - this includes using a web browser on a mobile device.
  • Is Video Chat Secure? Absolutely! Video chat sessions share the same authentication as Cornerstone Conversations, ensuring the highest level of security.
  • What Can Video Chat Users Share When Screen Sharing? Users can share anything supported by their browser. Chrome, for example, allows users to share a single tab, a window, or an entire screen.
  • Is It Possible to Record a Video Chat? No, recording is not an option to ensure your privacy.
Experience the future of hassle-free communication with Cornerstone's video chat feature – it's fast, simple, reliable, and waiting for you in Conversations, accessible in your mobile app or in online banking!
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