Fake Fraud Department Scam

Keep your account safe.

Scammers are very well trained in ways to con you into giving them important information about your account, including user IDs, passwords, and access codes.  They currently use a variety of channels to connect with you: texting, emails, phone calls, and social media.  Stay vigilant and keep a lookout for these active scams:

Be vigilant: here's what to watch for.

  • Scammers will call the unsuspecting victims pretending to be from the Fraud Prevention Department. They may even mask their caller ID to look like CCF.

  • Scammers will create made-up transactions on the account they need to verify, to make the victim think their card or account has been compromised. Once the victim denies making the transactions, the impersonators will say the account must be locked or is being investigated. 

  • Scammers will ask for as much information as they can get from the victim: debit or credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, SSN, username, and password. The scammer tells the victim they are attempting to “verify” the cardholder’s identity and may ask the victim to confirm the code they will text. 

  • The scammer may tell the victim not to log into their online account so the investigation can be completed. These are all means to gain access to your account and make unauthorized transactions.

Never share your access credentials and codes.

  • The best response is to hang up the phone immediately.

  • Do not respond to any texts and contact us directly at 800-777-6728 to report the incident. Your security is our priority!

Connect with us by starting a secure Conversation through mobile or online banking or call us directly at 800-777-6728.