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We get it. Life gets busy, and your financial obligations are "always on". Ease the stress and stop playing the waiting game with your money. Access your paycheck in your Cornerstone account up to two days early* with Fast Pay.

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Fast Pay Facts:

  • If you’re a Cornerstone member with direct deposit already set up you’ll receive your funds with Fast Pay as soon as we receive your direct deposit information from your employer, up to two days early.

  • Fast Pay is an automatic feature for members who receive direct deposits such as payroll checks, social security and retirement.

  • Fast Pay is free! If you're using third party apps or services for early access to your cash, you're likely paying interest or a small fee for that service. Set up direct deposit today and stop paying for your early deposits.

  • If you don't have direct deposit set up with a Cornerstone account, provide your employer with your checking account number and Cornerstone's routing number: 272477429.
  • Have a question about Fast Pay? Click the button below.

How Does Fast Pay Work?

Cornerstone often receives a message up to two days prior to your direct deposit to let us know your money is on the way. When this happens, we can reduce the extra processing time to get your money in your hands sooner.

Example: If your traditional payday is Friday and Cornerstone receives notification from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, we will process your funds for access up to two (2) days early* with Fast Pay!


  • Cornerstone membership must be in good standing
  • Member must have a Direct Deposit set up
  • Direct Deposit from employer must be received early by CCF

*You may receive a qualifying direct deposit up to two days early with Fast Pay. Not all direct deposit types are eligible for Fast Pay. It is at our discretion to identify which recurring direct deposits are eligible. The Credit Union cannot guarantee that you will receive the Fast Pay service due to unanticipated circumstances. Fast Pay is automatic and offered at no cost to members with direct deposit. For more information, please contact us at 800-777-6728.

Fast Pay Frequently Asked Questions

When does Fast Pay deposit my funds?

  • Fast Pay will post at 12:01 AM or 7:01 AM, depending on when deposits are received
  • Deposits will only post two days early. If it's pending five days before the date of deposit, it will be available two days before the deposit date

Which Cornerstone accounts include Fast Pay as a feature?

  • Fast Pay is available for the following checking accounts with a qualifying direct deposit: Rewards Checking, Fresh Start Checking, CORE Rewards Checking and Classic Checking.

What kind of direct deposits can I get early?

The direct deposit must be recurring, including but not limited to salary, social security, pension, military payments, and VA benefits. 

How much does this service cost?

Unlike third-party cash apps who charge fees or interest on your funds, Fast Pay is a free and automatic service provided to all members who set up direct deposit to a Cornerstone account. 

Can I modify my automatic bill payments to pay them earlier?

While we understand wanting to pay outstanding bills sooner, we would advise you not to change the date of your recurring payments. Fast Pay is not guaranteed and is dependent upon when we receive notification of your funds. If we don't receive notification of funds early, we won't be able to release your pay until notice is received. 

What if I change jobs?

If you change jobs you will need to set up a new direct deposit through your new employer. Fast Pay will activate again once your new direct deposit is received. 

How do I set up Direct Deposit?

To set up direct deposit, provide the two pieces of information below to your employer or the entity responsible for your payments:

  1. CCF Routing Number: 272477429
  2. Your CCF Account number (found at the bottom of your check), or within Online Banking

How long after I set up a direct deposit will it take to start receiving my funds early?

Depending on your employer, it could take up to 90 days to be enrolled in Fast Pay after you set up your direct deposit. However, in some cases, it may happen sooner.

Will deposits always arrive early?

No, deposits do not always arrive early. Deposits might come two (2) days early, one (1) day early, or even on the day of the regular scheduled direct deposit day. Reasons could include:

  • This cycle is the first time the direct deposit was set up
  • The deposit is not eligible for posting early (such as a bank-to-bank transfer)
  • There was an issue on the end of the payroll provider