Travel Money Safety Tips

Before you head off on vacation, here are three things to consider to keep your money safe. Download a printable money travel checklist here.

Alert your credit union or bank about your travel dates.

  • Give your credit union or bank a call before you go on vacation, providing them with the locations and dates of your trip.
  • Credit Unions and banks can put your cards in “vacation mode” so the charges won’t be flagged as potential fraud and you can use your card easily.
  • Always use a credit card instead of a debit card when traveling. Credit cards offer more security and fraud protection.
  • Have a main card and a backup card in case of emergencies. Add both cards to your Mobile Wallet and use Mobile Wallet as much as possible for an extra layer of fraud protection.

Don’t post to social media until you return.

  • It can be fun to share photos and updates while travelling but broadcasting that your home is unoccupied is not a good idea.
  • Burglars lurk on social media sites and popular travel hashtags to spot potential targets.
  • If you want to share photos online, wait until you’re home to post and make sure to include that you’re back home.

Invest in wearable and/or waterproof products.

  • If you’re traveling to places known for pick pockets, make sure to stash your cards and cash in a wearable safety pouch instead of keeping your wallet in your pocket.
  • Locked zippers, no-cut straps and loud Velcro are good ways to deter theft and keep your valuables safe.
  • If you’re visiting the beach, invest in a lockable waterproof bag to keep your valuables safe from the elements and thieves.
  • Travel wallets with RFID-blocking technology can help protect your cards from electronic pickpocketing.

Here are a few safety bags we love:

  • Safety Lock Bag – Water-Resistant Combination Locking Pouch. Can lock around a stationary object to secure your important belongings with a 3-digit code.
  • Waterproof Bag - Offers waterproof/snow proof/sand proof protection for your device and valuables with the secure lock seal closure while maintaining full touch screen functionality.
  • Waist Wallet  – Great for thwarting pickpockets, this wallet keeps your valuables close to the body and under your clothing. Constructed with RFID-blocking technology, this wallet shields your card and passport from electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.