Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Spring is here! Let’s clear away the cobwebs and spruce up those finances with these three easy steps.

1. Start decluttering

  • Tally your non-mortgage debts - note the interest rate, the total amount due and the financial institution who holds the debt.

  • Consult your budget - free up funds to put toward paying down debt, especially high interest debt like credit cards.

  • Credit card debt? Consider a balance transfer to a lower rate card. Look for a card with no balance transfer fees like CCF’s Visa Platinum card. Balance transfer fees can add up to 5% to your balance.

2. Check your credit score

  • Request a free copy of your credit report – you can request this once each year at AnnualCreditReport.com

  • Check the report for incorrect reporting - look for different names or addresses being reported, etc. File a report with the credit agency to report and correct any misinformation. Even little report mistakes can have a huge impact on your credit.

  • See your monthly score in CCF's mobile banking app - CCF offers updated credit scoring within our mobile app so you can stay on top of your score.

3. Shred sensitive documents

  • Don’t just toss sensitive papers – shred them to protect your identity. This includes bank statements, expired credit and ID cards, CDs, and anything with a DOB or personally identifying information.