Holiday Spending Tips for 2021

Another holiday has arrived, and the shadow of the pandemic is still affecting our daily lives. But nothing can dampen our holiday spirits! Here are a few shopping tips for navigating this holiday season amidst supply shortages and safety measures so you can still enjoy a fun and memorable holiday season.

Shop Locally

While big box stores might be struggling to stock shelves, there are many small businesses in our communities with great gifts for the holidays.
  • Check out your local downtown for shops and boutiques for unique gifts.
  • Shopping at local businesses puts important dollars back into the local economy instead of sending it out of state.

Experiences Are Fun

Consider an experience-based gift instead of that sweater.
  • A recent Sitecore survey of US consumers indicated 71% would prefer an experience-based gift instead of more “stuff”.
  • Plus, supply chain issues this holiday season might make it hard to purchase certain items.
  • Experience-based gifts could be something like:
    • A subscription box catering to one of their personal interest. This gift keeps giving beyond just the holiday!
    • A gift card for a local experience like cooking classes or a rock-climbing gym
    • Plan a road trip and purchase an Airbnb gift card to find fun places to stay along the way
    • A Master Class they can take online

Budget Before

Set your budget before you start shopping.
  • It’s fun to buy gifts for the people we love, but it’s easy to overspend without a budget.
  • Setting a per-person budget before shopping can help you avoid a “holiday hangover” in January.
  • Instead of a set dollar amount, give yourself a dollar range for each person. This offers flexibility in case items are sold out or the wish list changes.
  • Use an app like Gift List to help track gift ideas, spending and purchasing.

Stay Safe Online

When shopping online, only shop on reputable sites and avoid clicking email links and social media ad links.
  • Scammers love the holidays because emails and social media ads can be spoofed to look like offers from legitimate big brands.
  • Instead of clicking links, open a new browser tab and go directly to the company’s website. Coupon codes and offers can be entered directly on the website.