Be alert for "just pay shipping" scams

Cornerstone works hard to protect what you work hard for. Keeping your accounts safe is a priority for the Credit Union. As the holidays draw near, we want to keep you informed about practices and potential scams that are on the rise in the marketplace, particularly online shopping.

"Just Pay Shipping" scams are increasing.

These scams targets you with an e-mail or pop-up
notification to complete a survey, or that you’ve been selected to receive a free gift and will only be required to pay nominal shipping charges. Once the consumer authorizes their card for shipping charges, the card is then charged multiple recurring payments under various merchant names. These scams are
most prevalent on social media, online bargain sites and gaming sites.

Things to consider when making online purchases:

  • Use extra caution and only purchase from familiar sites and merchants.
  • Is there a customer service number listed for the merchant?
  • Does the merchant have positive online reviews?
  • Is the merchant easy to contact if you have a problem with your order?
  • Web addresses with random letters should be a red flag, as those often signal third-party subscription-based billing sites.
  • Read the terms and conditions of any free trial you are considering. These often come with a recurring monthly charge after the trial period ends if you don’t cancel in time.
Don’t forget - always be sure to keep all receipts, e-mails and communications you receive for all online orders. When in doubt, it’s best to take the safe route and consider making an alternate purchase from a more trusted merchant.
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