Member Mentions

At Cornerstone, our mission is to revolutionize the service experience fulfilling the changing needs of members and our communities. We build relationships and care about your financial well being. We want YOU to achieve your financial goals, save money and get excited about making a difference. No matter where life takes you, we're here to help you every step of the way.

We'll let our members tell you how we've been in their corner.

Several months ago I met Mandy because CCF had approved a car loan of mine. Once my wife and I met Mandy we have since opened another car loan, checking and savings accounts and I have recently opened my business account with CCF. We could not be happier with our experience. Mandy is a true professional and helped both of us at every turn. Thank you!!!!! 
- Michael S.
Member in Perrysburg
Igor was down to earth and willing to answer my questions patiently, and if he didn't know, was willing to find out what I needed to know and informed me of everything without being irritated because of my many questions.
- Vivian A.
Member in Royal Oak

You see me, not just a credit score.

-Susan S.
Member in Auburn Hills

Rebecca treated me like an actual person and not just a number. She went above and beyond making sure I had what I needed and even offered me a better solution than what I had originally asked for. She made sure I was getting the best deal/outcome for what I needed and didn't try to take advantage of me!

-Auburn Hills Member

My mom had always raved about how personal and helpful CCF was. After I had the last straw with the other place I banked with, I gave it a chance. CCF helped me build my credit and get a loan to pay off past debts. They really helped me work towards financial freedom.
Member in Troy