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Fraud Protection

When Banking Online...

  • Set up eAlerts on CCF's Online Banking.
  • Use CCF's Mobile Money app on secured wireless (don't use a cafe or hotel wireless when banking via app or online).
  • Vary your login IDs and passwords, use complex passwords or phrases that do not relate to your life (no names of pets, kids, spouse).
  • Change login IDs frequently (every month or every quarter).
  • Only download banking apps from trusted sources like your app store, not from social media or ad links.
  • When buying online, utilize e-commerce solutions, such as Visa Checkout or PayPal.
  • Never purchase online—or by phone—from a retailer you don’t recognize.
  • Never click on a link embedded in an unsolicited email or pop up.
  • Because fraud always thrives in an unprotected ecosystem, keep antivirus and anti-malware software up-to-date.

When Using an ATM...

  • Use ATM machines in a safe, secure and well-lit area—and to pay close attention to your surroundings while there.
  • Whenever a store credit card machine or ATM makes a member feel uneasy, it is always best to seek out an alternative to avoid risky situations.
  • Look for loose parts on an ATM card reader to recognize an ATM skimmer. If you find a skimmer, contact your police department's non-emergency number so they can check it out.